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Reeva's 123 Kids World is and excellent interactive 1234 learning for kids! This is a free educational app that help your toddler to recognise, write numbers, counting objects. This game is specially designed for children to make them play & learn with interactive way! 

Game Features:
Ride on a skate / scooter / fly with baby Reeva to visit her educational 123 Kids world! Choose a game from 9 different number counting & learning games.

1. Learn to trace / write number with vocal sounds
2. Count the different object and learn 
3. Pop the balloons with matching number
4. Find and touch the given Number
5. Find the minimum / maximum number from the given numbers
6. Find the missing number to complete the sequence
7. 1234 Memory card to sharpen kid's memory
10. Numeric scooter ride with Reeva to learn 1234 sequence

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- learning numbers with sounds
- kids learn real english words with 1234 flashcards
- logical app for toddlers to find minimum / maximum number
- sharpen memory with memory matching fun
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Reeva123.apk 46 MB

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