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Meet your cute and adorable Kitty! Take good care of your cute little virtual talking pet. Caress her, feed her, make sure to keep her clean, play with her, put her to sleep. This cute baby cat needs your keen attention, keep her always happy and smiling. 

Take a tour to your baby pet's beautiful world and explore many adventurous activities! Play 30 unique mini games with your Kitty and earn coins. Use these coins to buy variety of foods, clothes, potions for your baby pet. Visit your pet farm and grow farm fresh vegetables and fruits. Visit your virtual kitty's supermarket store to give her new salon look & stylist clothes because she loves to do fashion. Visit your kitty's restaurant & bakery to buy burger, pizza, french fries, cake, donuts, cupcake, fruits, vegetables, and much more.

Game Features:

This Kitty is very lively and playful, you will enjoy spending time with her. Dance with her, enjoy watching her mobile talk and many other activities. She is fond of Yoga & frequently does it. Your Kitty might get angry if you hit her.

=> Kitchen:
- Feed your Kitty from tons of variety food. Overeating may lead to toothache, visit Dentist in such case and keep your Kitty's Denture clean.
- Enjoy cooking game with your Kitty!
- Keep the Kitchen neat & clean by putting rubbish in dustbin.

=> Bathroom:
- Kitty enjoys taking bath, make sure to keep her clean.
- Kitty may need to go potty or pee, help her for same.
- Keep kitty's hand clean by washing it in basin.
- Buy variety of potions for your Kitty, each potion acts uniquely for Kitty.

=> Living Room:
- Do mischief with your Kitty by jumping on Sofa! Be careful, over jumping may lead to injury and you will have to visit Hospital for your Kitty. 
- Change game background music by tapping on music system. Kitty is fond of music and dancing, watch your Kitty dancing by changing music.
- Play with fish and make your Kitty happy.
- Change Kitty's photo frame by tapping on camera.

=>Bed Room:
- Your Kitty needs rest once she is tired. Let her take sound sleep.
- Make sure to keep lights and curtain shut when Kitty is sleep, her sleep gets disturbed by light.
- Occasionally, Kitty gets scary dog dream. Help her to run and jump in dream & save her from dog.
- Kitty is fond of fashion, help her to look fashionable by buying new clothes and accessories for your Kitty.
- Visit Kitty's shopping mall by tapping on wardrobe.

=> World:
- Explore Kitty's world.
- Take a tour to the whole world and find many adventuros activities.
- Grow vegetables and fruits out of Kitty's house; feed her those farm fresh veggies & fruits

=> Hospital:
- Visit hospital to keep your Kitty healthy. Grow flowers by watering plant to do time pass during your waiting period in Hospital.

--- Dentist Game:
- Your Kitty might get dental pain during eating. Visit dentist and help her to keep health mouth and dentures.

--- Orthopedic/Fracture Game:
- Your Kitty might get fractured bone by jumping on sofa. Do X-ray and heal fractures.

--- Fever Game:
- Your Kitty might catch infection and start having fever and rashes. Measure her temperature, apply creams and give her pills to get rid of infection.

--- Injury Game:
- Your Kitty might get injured during playing. Help her to get rid of injury by removing thorns then apply cream to injured part.

=> Mini Games:
- Explore 30 unique mini games. Play with your kitty. Earn coins and have fun.

Enjoy a new and latest version of pou daycare game; take care of your virtual animal; have fun with your talking pet; visit pet store and enjoy fantasy pet world.

Enjoy with your lovely kitty!


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